Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let Me Count the Ways.....

Dear Caroline,

Last night you were playing around the house when you came to me with an empty tic-tac box and asked me to breathe into it for you. I asked why and you told me you wanted a "sample" of my breath because "it smells good". Weird as that is, it might be the most sincere way anyone has ever told me they loved me. ;o)

The other day you bought a set of rubber animal noses in the party favors section of the BX. The kind that strap on your head by an elastic band....rather like Groucho Marx noses and moustaches. The animal noses included were an elephant's trunk, a parrot's beak, a pig's snout and a lions muzzle. You insisted the moment we stepped out of the BX that Daddy wear the lion, I wear the parrot and you wear the elephant. We did---we unwrapped that package right there and donned our new identities. And we wore them all the way home, braving the stares from people in other cars and on the sidewalks. It was particularly entertaining when we stopped at a crosswalk to let people walk across, and they all rubbernecked the whole way, laughing and pointing at us. You were having the time of your life making people laugh. You were in the backseat laughing so hard yourself that you could barely breathe and little giggle-tears slid down your trunk. And your Dad? That guy who's normally pretty shy and unlikely to draw attention to himself? He wore it proudly and enjoyed it like a champ!

THAT is how much we love you. And we'd do it again.


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