Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Watch Out For Big Brother Google.

We were on our way home from Arizona yesterday when from the back seat Caroline spoke up.

"Mom, Dad, I've been thinking about something..."

"Yeah? What?"

"Well, I just think people should be reminded not to scratch their butts when they're outside."


"Yes, a lot of people may not know this, but Google Maps might be taking pictures from their satellites at just that moment."
And then she added thoughtfully, "No one wants to be immortalized as a butt-scratcher."

And How am I Supposed to Title THIS?!

Neither Calvin nor I  heard Caroline get up early, so we weren't aware of having an audience while we were canoodling in the hallway (What can I say? He's irresistible!) until we heard an irritated throat clearing, followed by, "EXCUSE me! When you two are finished with this embarrassing display of affection, maybe one of you could teach me to make scrambled eggs...?"