Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Because you just never know what you might need....

As Caroline was leaving for school this morning, I picked up her backback to hand it to her. I noticed though that it seemed to weigh a ton. I asked her what was in it:

"Stuff I might need."

"For what?"

"Maybe an emergency. You never know when a natural disaster will happen, Mom!"

I told her that her teacher would take care of her in an emergency and that for now she ought to only take a drink, snack and her books to school. She sighed and reluctantly let me empty her backpack before we walked out the door.

When I got back I looked at the pile of dumped "emergency rations" on the foyer floor and what did I find?

--1 diary
--8 gel markers
--1 highlighter
--4 pencils
--22 scraps of paper with various unreadable markings
--a snail shell
--7 broken crayons
--1 drinking straw, apparently used
--1 ponytail holder
--1 reel of wedgewood blue embroidery string (I've been looking for that!)
--1 plastic toy zebra
--1 plastic toy elephant
--1 toy airplane
--1 tamagatchi
--1 2Euro coin
--1 dead earthworm
--1 plastic toy horse and...

..... no less than 9 large rocks.

Huh. ;o)


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Mindy said...

Oh Trin,
That list could have been copied from the contents of many of my students' backpacks. I am always surprised by the bizarre, random items that I find in their bags when I help them look for something that they actually do need. Same thing happens when I look in their desks. The "emergency/necessity" supplies that children this age feel they must have with them is always entertaining!