Monday, May 26, 2008

Caroline, Speed Queen

So Caroline has been learning to ride a bike lately. It didn't look so great the first day or two, of course, but it has been getting less and less injurious every day. With Calvin's patient instruction, Caroline is becoming less of a crash test dummy and more a little speed demon. He faithfully makes time every day and takes her down to our garage and lets her ride her little heart out, and he's always ready with snuggles and kisses when the inevitable cuts and bruises show up. Lucky us, so far, she hasn't made any bicycle-shaped dents in anyone else's car. She is also keeping a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. After one particularly ugly fall, when Calvin gasped she said, "Don't worry, Dad! That was just the gag reel!". Too many DVD Special features in this house? Nah!
Here she is riding while Calvin looks on:

A high-five after the session is up:

This is the helmet they picked out together for her. Check out the googly plastic eyes on the lady bug. This just tickles me. ;o)

Now she is anxious for her bike-riding lesson every day, though I daresay she won't need very many more. Go Caroline!


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