Monday, June 2, 2008

Golden Apples and Seafoam

My Caroline,
I'm glad to see your imagination is not failing you (except in the case of bells and angels ;o)~). We put you to bed at the normal time of 8pm last night, but when I came to check on you around 10, I found you sitting straight up in bed just staring in the dark with this thrilled look on your face.

I asked you why you were still awake and you excitedly informed me that you'd "just come back" from an adventure in the "Garden of Hesperides"! You recounted to me all about how you saw Ladon the dragon guarding the golden apples, and how you even saw the elusive Hesperides themselves. You'd tried to take a golden apple from Ladon's stash, but you accidentally dropped it and Ladon heard you. He almost caught you and tried to bite you, but you were saved at the last second by your pegasus named Blackjack. You'd only just got back and whew! Were you ever tired and ready for bed now!

And this morning? This morning as we ran to your bus stop, slightly late, you told me proudly that the reason that you're such a fast runner is that your shoes are made of seafoam and that makes you FAST!

*giggle* Caroline, I adore the very air you breathe. You make my own life beautiful.

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