Wednesday, March 26, 2008


For the last 5 days or so, we've been getting crazy weather. I mean crazy, even by England's standards, and that is bad. We've been waking up to a glittery white world every day---3 inches of snow. By early afternoon it is melted and the sun is shining, and by 6 or 7 pm it is snowing again. Weird sideways snow and we wake up the next day again to a winter wonderland and start all over.

To say that Caroline is enjoying this weather would be an understatement.
And this morning? This morning I'm walking Caroline to her bus stop and she's picking up chunks of snow and tossing them at trees and walls and whatever else looks like it could take a good pummeling. Apparently, my head looks like that too because when I'd stopped paying attention I suddenly felt a hard thwomp! I turned around to warn her only to see her standing there staring intently at the very snowball she'd lobbed at me, which had hit my head with the force of a cannonball and then fallen to the ground, completely unbroken.

The way she was staring at this snowball I can only describe as pure unadulterated delight, as if she's just discovered the secret that will literally change the world. And then she shouts,

"Mommeeee!! Did you SEE that?? Look, Mom! RE-USABLE SNOWBALLS!"


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Judi said...

Recycling is good for everything except poor Mom's head!!

Hope you both shared a good laugh..and that she'll aim for the wall next time!!