Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Old stuff

Ok, this one is not new, and lots of you will have seen it already, but some of you will not have, and I wanted to add it to the record before I forget. ;o)



"You know my friend, McKenzie?"


"Well, she's just moving on the base and there's something I really need to discuss with you."


"Ok, I'm listening."

"Ok, well McKenzie doesn't exactly know her way home yet, but I do because she lives by Riley and I know the way to Riley's house from school."


"Well, on the days when McKenzie is supposed to walk home and she's afraid to because she can't remember the way, I think I should walk her home, ok?"

"That's nice of you, but you'd miss your own bus and then how would YOU get home?"

"Well, I've got that covered, Mom. See, I'll miss my bus and walk her home, and then when I get there, I'll just call you on that cell phone you're going to give me and you can come pick me up."

"Well, again, that's really noble of you, but I think that McKenzie's mom can walk her home on those days when McKenzie is feeling insecure. And I think six is a bit too young for your own cell phone."

doesn't miss a beat...

"Seven, then?"



"Maybe thirteen."

"Oh, maaaaaaan!"


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