Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Small Warrior

Read here for background before proceeding.

Ok, I have to admit, I had my doubts as to whether you'd do it, Caroline. When you told me you'd go out and protest today, and made your poster, I really thought that while I was incredibly proud, that in the end, when faced with actually standing up and doing it, you might be too shy. I didn't say anything because I wanted it to be, like it started, all you. Your choice.

But you? You grabbed that big green poster in your still-dimpled, tiny hands and marched your little self across that playground so fast that I, chatting with your teacher, didn't even realize you'd gone. And you stood there by yourself at the top of the hill, holding up that sign, silent and firm. And for a second or two, when I saw you, I could only stand there and look up at you, in awe of your determination and strength.

After a few minutes, a few of your friends came and joined you, and then a few more. A few left after only a few minutes, but a faithful few stayed behind and stood side by side with you.
Not wanting to influence you at all, I snapped a few pictures and then stood far away so that neither you nor your friends or teacher could see me, or the tears in my eyes. But I saw you.

Now, with your wonderful teacher's support and pride in all of you, your class is fired up. Your teacher is, as we speak, laminating all the posters your class made today to tie up to the fence tomorrow morning, and you and your friends will be making an announcement regarding environmental activism in the morning for the whole school on the inter-class radio.

With Love, Mom

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