Friday, June 13, 2008

Move Over, P!nk!

Ok, so all year long Caroline has been asking me to dye her hair. She often sees her friends at school with pink or purple or blue streaks in their hair. It's the style at the moment, and I'm not entirely opposed to it. I think it's a cute, colorful expression of personal style and appropriate enough for a little girl. Here's the thing though: Caroline has fine wavy hair like I do. Not a blessing, I assure you. And this sort of hair holds on to colors and dyes like your superglue holds on to your fingers when all you wanted to do was fix that knick-knack your friend gave you that you never liked but always displayed to avoid hurt feelings and....I digress....

So I've told Caroline all year that she'd have to wait until summer when school was out. Just in case something goes wrong, right? At least in the summer, I can keep her locked in the dungeon for longer before anyone calls the cops.

When it came time to do the deed, she chose black instead of pink (she doesn't like pink right now--"It's for BABIES, Mom!"). Furthermore, she wanted her whole head dyed, rather than a few streaks. Naturally, I'm not going to let her go that far, so I told her she could have black but only in semi-permanent, so it would wash out in a few shampoos. After all, it's just for fun. We're not making any Jon Benet Ramsey's here.

The foam itself for this "Electric Black" temporary dye is actually a royal purple color, which turns black after 30 minutes on. Turns black except on Caroline, that is.

Her formerly beautiful blond is now a lovely shade of french lavender.* I have this urge to start singing Purple Rain. Or One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater. She really likes that one.

No worries though...let people stare, she said. Because now instead of being a gypsy or a pirate or Anne Boleyn, she is a Mermaid!

At least for a week.

*I would love to have included a photo here, but for some reason, on film her hair simply looks gray. Darn camera!

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Nat and Matt said...

Hey Trin, how can you post this story and not include a photo of the purple hair? Love, Nat and Matt