Sunday, March 8, 2009

What The Future Holds

A few weeks ago, we took a very short trip back to the states, where we visited my family for exactly a day and a half, and Calvin's family for 2 days.

Caroline was looking incredibly forward to seeing my parents, to whom she's very close, and got to spend a whole 4 hours with them before SHE STARTED THROWING UP.

Yes, after that miserably long trip, complete with frequent train changes, a cramped air plane, screaming brats running up and down the aisles and kicking flight-attendants, bad food, and a long drive to NC, and Caroline behaving impeccably throughout the whole thing, that poor kid was gifted by the universe with a miserable stomach flu. She had a high fever and was able only to lay on the sofa and dream of the Disney store she otherwise was promised a trip to.


Well, mom and I did make a trip to the Disney store for Caroline and brought her back an armload of gifts from both there and A REAL BOOKSTORE, another place Caroline had hoped to visit. Still, it wasn't the same. I wish we could have stayed longer. Sadly though, the next stop was to Calvin's hometown where we spent the next two days visiting his mother in the nursing home where she is recovering from a leg break.

So, I'm sorry, Caroline. That trip was really no fun for you at all. Next time, huh?

Before she got sick though, we had dinner with my parents. During which, I learned about my daughters future hopes and career aspirations.

My Dad: So Caroline, have you decided what you want to be when you grow up?

Caroline: Yes! In fact, I have a list!

MD: A list! What's on it?

C: A lot of things!

MD: Like what? What's number 5?

C: An archaeologist.

MD: Number four?

C: A veterinarian.

MD: Number 3?

C: An astronaut.

MD: Two?

C: A paleontologist.

MD: And number one?



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