Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sweet Caroline

Caroline, this week has been a big week for you. Monday night was the formal banquet for graduating 8th-graders, and last night was the promotion ceremony. You hadn't mentioned it to us, so imagine our delight when you were presented with several academic awards, including the Presidential Academic Achievement award. You made us so proud -- did you hear us whistling and cheering for you?

 And now, tomorrow is your last day of middle school! I can hardly believe that my baby is a mere summer away from high school. Tonight is your 8th grade prom, and despite so many of your peers scrambling desperately to find "dates" for it, you have decided to attend solo, like the confident young woman you are. I know you're going to have good time, dancing, socializing, laughing, and belonging entirely to yourself. I can hardly wait to post the photos of you in your first prom dress, but in the meantime, here you are in the dress you wore to the banquet. You felt beautiful, and it showed. As one of our friends pointed out, you are beginning to bloom. My sweet girl, your dad and I love you.

Made you laugh!
 The joy in your face warms me.

A moment without glasses.

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