Friday, February 1, 2013

She's Got Your Number, Draper.

   Commissary day. Caroline was helping me do the grocery shopping, and we were almost finished when I realized I'd forgotten to pick up peanuts eight aisles back. I explained to Caro what kind to get and asked if she'd run back to the snack aisle and get them for me.  She cheerfully ran off, always happy to help.

   I finished the final two aisles, and still she hadn't returned, so I went to the bakery for the breads and finished that. Still no Caroline. I was just about to go find her when she came back, breathless.

"What took so long? I was about to come find you."

   "Sorry, Mom. I got distracted by the snack foods, and the more I looked the more I was struck dumb by the sheer amount of dishonest advertising! Snack companies think we're so easy, don't they!"

How do I tell her that almost everyone falls for it?

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