Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa.....

It's late, no doubt, but our little sprout has turned in her Yuletide requisition form. This might be my favorite so far.

The envelope (home made) is addressed to "Santa Claus (maybe?)" and the letter is as follows:

"Dear Santa Claus,

Did you have a good summer in the Bahamas? Is Mrs. Claus okay? Are you real? Because I'm not sure I believe in you anymore, but I'm willing to be convinced. Feel free to answer back in your defense.

In case you are real, here's what I want for Christmas:

1. A new set of Lincoln Logs.

2. The Nintendo Dogs DS game.

3. Better gloves THAT ARE NOT PINK.

4. New Lizzie Maguire PJs. Mom says I have to throw mine out just because they're too small and have holes. I'm hanging on to them as tight as I can and arguing a lot but I'm losing.

5. Another Webkinz THAT IS NOT PINK.

6. A couple hundred bucks.

7. Tickets to Australia.

8. A personal bag of marshmallows.

9. A truckload of animal figurines.

10. A "no homework" pass.

11. A new pen for my DS.

12. Euro.

13. A slingshot.

14. A science lab.

15. A wood working kit.

16. Electronic Hangman game.

17. Apples to Apples

18. A new blue elephant shirt. I'm losing that battle too.

19. A paintball gun.

Love, Caroline

P.S. I'm sorry the list is so long. I hope it's not inconvenient. "


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Robin said...

Caroline has definitely been the recipient of her mom's (and probably her father's - I just haven't heard anything from him, so I don't know ;) )fabulous wit :)

I love the list! That's definitely a keeper! :)