Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kontanz and Klaus

So yesterday we went to Lake Constance, several hours south of here. You know, just to putter around, see what was there and enjoy the nice weather that wasn't.

Despite the gloom though, we had a great time. I was pleased to see some appreciation for some of the most underappreciated and most villainized women that ever lived: the courtesans. In this town, they not only appreciate the important past that the courtesans share with the city, but they revered them by erecting this large statue....

...which looks out over the lake and celebrates the courtesan. It spells out pretty clearly exactly the kind of power she held, as not only the epitomy of physical pleasure, but also as a respected advisor to the influential. Courtesans were known to be the most highly educated women in the world and at a time when "ladies" weren't allowed to go to school or learn to read anything beyond what they must for the running of the household. This was a great honor (albeit an honor long overdue) and most did not take it for granted.

In this statue, the courtesan holds a pope in her hands as well as a king. I guess there's no mistaking the message.

Other various views of Kostanz (Constance):

All in all it was a great trip. Too short, but at least next time we'll know to make more room for exploration. Apparently they have a great fishmarket. That'll be on the list for sure.

In other news, our litle sprout was really on the ball this week, and last night, unsolicited, she handed us her Christmas list (!!) and asked us to mail it to Santa. Here it is, copied exactly:

Dear Santa Claus,

I do want alot this year. Here is what I wish for this year.

1. a DS (Or Nintendo DS) with games.

2. A Happy Family.

3. stuffed animal My Little Pony that walks and talks.

4. A real Puppy

5. A baby doll stroller and crib

6. Robots and a Robot tech dragonfly.

7. Puppy Pals.

And that's all!!!

P.S. You do not have to send all of this. Just the happy family.

And it's followed by her own rendering of an elf in a stripey hat.

Well, I got news for ya! That happy family part? NO WAY. I'm happy to say we'll continue to lock you in the basement and feed you bugs and brackish water. With an occasional orange so you don't get scurvy, because I'm caring like that.

I don't know what Puppy Pals are. Guess I've got my homework cut out for me, huh?


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Ragan Knits etc... said...

I absolutely love her Christmas list!
Aww...Ryan (the third grader) has also started his list. Hahah.
She is awesome, you know that! Oh, and so are you.
Looks like you did have a nice outing.