Thursday, July 10, 2008

Questionable Symptoms

So all throughout the past school year, Caroline's teacher, Herr Zappey, had the kids keeping journals. In them they recorded pretty much whatever they wanted as long as it was to do with happenings at home or in school that affected their own lives.

And at the end of the year, he took the journals and sent them home with each student to write in----they will turn these journals in when they go back to his class in late August. It's a pretty great idea, don't you think? Maintain the creativity, work on spelling and penmanship...all that.


Well, Calvin and I were reading her journal the other night and just marveling at Caroline's imagination, her eloquence and sometimes just the simplicity with which she recounts some stories. She's got a great grasp on the art of telling stories. But the simpler ones...the ones without embellishment.... were, for some reason, the best ones to us. Here's an example of one in which she tells us what happened when she and her friend Giada attempted to adopt one of the world's more helpless creatures:

Giada and I had a pet worm named Sebastian. But he died of diarrhea.
His funeral is today at lunch recess.
The End.


Calvin says that's 7-year-old-ese for "Squeezed the sh*t out of".


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