Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conversations with Caroline

I'm not much of a People Magazine person, but I never fail to buy the once-a-year issue of "Sexiest Man Alive". Last week, Caroline came to me, looking incredibly forlorn and heartbroken. I could not imagine what might put such a look on the face of a 7 year old, but then I looked down and saw that she was holding the SMA issue. Puzzled, I asked her what the matter was and why she was walking around with my copy of People.
With an obvious quiver in her voice, she replied,
"Mommy, I've been looking at this magazine and I've looked at the WHOLE THING and he's not in there!"

"Who, Honey? Who's not in there?" And naturally I'm a little worried that my 7-year old is looking for a man at this complicated and already busy point in her life.

"Daddy! You always tell him he's the sexiest man alive, but he's NOT IN HERE! They forgot my daddy!"

I admit it, I laughed out loud in the face of her distress. This kid doesn't even know what "sexy" means, only that her daddy MUST be sexy, AND sexier than anyone else to boot, because her mommy said so.
As for why Daddy isn't in there, there's no accounting for taste, Caroline.

A conversation between Caroline and her Uncle Gordon on the phone:

"What are you up to, Caroline?"

Caroline, sarcasm obvious, "Umm..talking on the phone?"

Gordon laughs, "Ok, I meant what were you up to before you got on the phone?"

"Oh, I was playing music with a big spoon on pots and pans."

"Really! Great! What were you playing?"


A few days ago, while frantically searching for my misplaced ID card, Caroline asked me what the matter was:

"I can't find my ID, honey. Have you seen it? If I don't find it, we can't leave because I won't be able to get on the base."

She shrugs, "Tsk, tsk. Too bad, Mommy. I suppose you should contact your homeowner's insurance and get a new one."


Last night, she was sitting on my lap giving me cuddles and playing with my hair. Lately, since my hair has been short, I have only had to run a bit of gel through it and let it go. I like the way it looks, but of course the drawback is that it feels a bit stiff to the touch, not soft like it used to. And she's looking in my eyes and I'm thinking she's about to say something sweet and endearing, when she says:

"Mommy, your hair looks golden!"

"Aw! Thank you, sweetheart! That's a nice thing to say!"

"Yeah. Remember Rumpilstiltskin and that stuff he spun into gold? Straw? Your hair feels like that and it's almost the same color! It's so lovely! Maybe we can spin it into gold!"

Out of the mouth of babes.......

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